Thursday, August 28, 2008

What a Week

Every year I begin school with enthusiasm (well, sorta) and energy. Every year I forget how quickly that energy diminishes. This year has been particulary bad, or it might be that I'm going through it now. Week's starting off with Monday's like I have, I will probably stay tired until Christmas. I go straight from school to class at 4. I have one class from 4:00-6:45 and another class from 7:00-9:45. The reading class I am looking forward to and think I will get a lot out of, the research class...I'm not so sure of. Despite the professors desperate plea to not already have an opinion of the dreaded class, you could tell by the comments and sighs not many people are looking forward to spending a semester on research (especially at 7:00 in the evenings).

After I finally got through Monday I could continue with the rest of my week. Wednesday I taught my last one-year-old class at church. I have really enjoyed teaching that class and will really miss the little munchkins . I just felt I needed a break from teaching, especially since I was starting two classes instead of just one.

Tonight was our parent forum at school which is not all that painful, it just makes for a long day. I was really wanting to get a break later in the fall instead of one week after school started, but needless to say, I will take the break when I can get it.

An update on my Aunt Wendy, the doctors were able to remove 95% of the tumor and they will do radiation on the part that was too risky to remove. I have not heard the results of the removed portion, but according to the drs on Monday everything went as well as it could have. Thanks for all the prayers and concerns.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Prayer Request

It has been a very strange day in the Winter household. We met with our realtor about a house that we REALLY want and the stars are starting to align (according to my father) in our favor. We had a showing of our house and as we were walking out the door for my uncle's mother's funeral someone from our church called and wanted to see our house as well. We got a call from our realtor that the first couple is "very interested" so please keep your fingers crossed that everything will continue to work out. After many phone calls and calming our nerves, we spent the evening doing lawn work.

I also learned this evening from my mom that my Aunt Wendy, from El Paso, has a brain tumor and is going in for surgery on Monday. Please keep her and her family in your prayers. With news like that, it really puts things in perspective and you realize what is really important in your life. Kelly, Wendy, and Taylor you are in our thoughts and prayers and we know God's hand will be with you and the doctors on Monday. We love you!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Let the fun begin!

I spent the day in a workshop on integrating technology in the classroom which is here (like it or not). I have been working in my classroom and trying to get my mind thinking towards the start of school. While I'm always prepared when the kids arrive, I always stress out until it gets finished. I am still dragging my feet trying to make summer last just a little longer...not going to happen I'm afraid.

We went to Aaron Watson Monday night and had a great time. Here are some pictures from the show. Even though Aaron (Watson) compared the environment to playing in a library, I thought it was a very low-key, enjoyable show.

I want to say a big CONGRATULATIONS to my cousin Clay and his wife Kit on the arrival of their new baby, Harris! He is absolutely precious and has a head full of hair judging from the picture. He arrived this morning at 6:32 and mom and baby are doing well. We are all so happy for them and I can't wait to hold the little bundle myself. Love you guys!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Must See TV

What a great time for not being extremely busy! With the Olympics on TV there is never a dull moment. I just love watching the games. When else is there a time when the whole country is rooting for the same team?!?! Let me just say I have already programmed the recorder for ALL the swimming so I don't miss a single gold medal of Michael Phelps! GO FOR THE GOLD!!!
Mom and Dad are still in town and are going to see Aaron Watson with us tonight. Aaron is not only a great musician and singer, he is a great guy with a wonderful family. If you haven't ever made one of his shows, you are missing out on a great show. He is putting on a benefit concert for Love & Care Ministries (a homeless ministry in Abilene) at the Paramount. It should be a good time with some good tunes for a great cause. I'll try to take some pictures while we're there.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Opening Our House

We have an open house this Sunday trying to push selling our house just a little. Our realtor has really stepped it up and our house in now a "showcase" house on complete with a virtual tour. Steve has done a great job since he decided to go out on his own just a few weeks ago. Not only have we been keeping him busy in showcasing our house, we have spent several late evenings looking for the perfect house to move into. We have found several so we're putting our faith in God taking care of all the details of selling and buying with all the right timing. I have forgotten how many decisions were involved in buying and selling a house. I think it has doubled since neither of us have had to do the two simultaneously. While there are stressful moments, we know everything will work out in the end.
Not only do we have an open house this weekend, I also get to spend the weekend with "the girls." Most of the girls on Mom's side of the family are coming to spend the weekend. We have plans on lounging, painting, and shopping I'm sure. I am looking forward to seeing everyone and know we will have a great time.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Concerts Never Get Old

A great concert with a great friend is a thing that will NEVER get old. I traveled to Dallas on Friday to attend the John Mayer concert with my friend, Rachel. She knew I would be the one to travel that far to see John Mayer. If I knew how HOT it was going to be I might would have reconsidered. Despite the heat and the ridiculous charge for not-so-good food, the concert was AMAZING!!! We had a great time and even got to join my aunt and cousin for the night of fun. Hopefully we can make it again next up for it, Rach?

The Wonderful World of the Winter's

With so many friends and family members having blogs, it was only a matter of time for me to jump on the bandwagon. Since I enjoy "checking up" on everyone's blogs, I wanted one of my very own. Since I have 2 full weeks before the craziness of school begins, I thought what better time to create a blog to distract myself from the day-to-day life.

Aaron and I just returned from a relaxing long weekend in Las Vegas, NM. Uncle Tim and Aunt Cathy graciously provided their cabin for our enjoyment and we appreciate their hospitality. We enjoyed the MUCH cooler weather of 70 degrees during the day and 50 degrees in the evenings. Watching the rain from the porch and the lovely views just added to the pleasure. We were able to hike (yes I hiked!) to the lots where the Winter's will some day build a cabin of their very own. Aaron was able to show me the sights of Santa Fe and Cimarron where he spent several summers as a staff member at Philmont's Boy Scout Camp. From Friday morning until Wednesday evening, the little Tribute racked up over 1700 miles. Needless to say, we'll be staying home for a while and an oil change is on this week's agenda. We had a wonderful time and were not ready to come home to the "real world".

Aaron and I spent our first wedding anniversary in New Mexico. We spent most of the day in Santa Fe where we shopped with the rest of the tourists. We picked out our own gifts from each other and I got a beautiful pendant and Aaron picked out two BIG pots to plant flowers for our new house. We also ate our year old cake...well one bite of it. It surprisingly tasted about the same, the texture, however, made us not want another bite.