Saturday, November 14, 2009

Looking back

This time last year Aaron and I moved into our new house. We had wonderful help from my parents and got it done pretty fast. The very next weekend we found out we were pregnant. We were going to The Eagles concert in Dallas with some friends and I took a test that morning. We of course didn't want to tell anyone at first, but told our parents within the week. We bought them an Eagles CD from Emory at her first concert. (of course we didn't know at the time it would be an Emory)

What a roller coaster that followed that. We ended up in the ER after a few weeks and they thought we were miscarrying only to find out the next day there was indeed a baby with a very strong heart beat. Now we have a precious little girl that completes our world!!!

Emory will turn 4 months old this week and I will post her stats after her appointment on Friday. Can't have a blog without a enjoy!