Saturday, April 24, 2010

Bluebonnet pics

We finally got some bluebonnet pictures. Every good Texas kid needs their picture taken in a field of bluebonnets. This might not be the last ones of the year, but here's just a few from our "shoot" today.

In our Easter best!
This is her new trick. Isn't she cute???

Sweet girl!!!

Our beautiful Texas girl. What a beautiful scenery and an even beautiful girl.


I just realized I hadn't posted anything about Easter yet. Our family went to Ackerly for the weekend. It was a very nice visit and we spent Easter Sunday at my uncle Mike's house. It was so nice of him and Judy to have us all over. Emory got spoiled by Gramsy and Papa Reg and then got even more spoiled by Judy with an Easter basket, eggs of her own, and presents.

Nana made Emory's Easter dress. It was absolutely beautiful. Everyone was very impressed by Nana's handi-work. She was completely adorable. Here are a few pics from the weekend.

The family before church.
Emory in her Easter dress...thanks Nana.

Look what the Easter bunny brought.

Into everything!

Happy Easter!!!

9 months

I have put this off partly because of lack of time (and energy) and partly because I'm not ready to accept the fact I have a 9 month old. We did not go to the dr for a 9 month appt because we were there a week earlier to check Emory's ears. Dr Wiley said her ears looked much better and is hoping that with preventative meds she will make it to summer without another infection. Once summer hits she will be at home with me and hopefully stay well. I was quite nervous about this appt because I just knew we would have to have tubes. So I can't remember her exact measurements. She weighed 15 lbs and 6 oz and they didn't tell me the height. She is still little, but that doesn't stop her from accomplishing all of her milestones.

She is now crawling on all fours and can get where she wants to go pretty quickly. This causes a few problems of getting things out of her reach and no matter how clean the floors are, she can find the littlest fuzz, dirt, etc and get it in her mouth before we're able to stop her. Oh well, so is life! She started a new class at daycare. She is now a Wallaby. This was a very hard transition. She bonded so much with her previous teacher that drop-off was never a problem. Now I think it's a combination of beginning separation anxiety and not used to her new teachers yet. I am still very pleased with her daycare. They take great care of her and even gave her homework this week. They are beginning to teach sign language so our homework was easy since we have already started that at home.

She has become very independent. She doesn't like being fed her baby food. She would rather eat something that she can do all by herself. This poses quite a challenge because she has a VERY sensitive gag reflex so meal time is quite eventful. Makes it lots of fun eating out too...I usually spend my time cleaning up a "mess" before I can finish my meal.

Emory has thankfully started sleeping through the night. She goes to bed between 8 and 8:30. She will sleep until almost 6:00. This is a huge improvement and I will take every little bit of sleep I can. She has begun to suck her thumb (not my choice). I try to give her the pacifier, but she takes it out and throws it on the floor and goes straight for her thumb. Luckily it's only in her mouth until she falls asleep and then it falls out. Hopefully that won't be a habit we have to break.

She has started liking Bible class again and is tagged the "talkative" one. Emory is quite the talker. She can be very loud (which scares some of her friends) and talks almost non-stop when she in that kind of mood. Where did this come from???? Certainly not her mama or daddy. She can say mama, dada, baba, papa, but is not saying it to the appropriate person quite yet. She has also started this waving thing which I can't figure out if it is trying to get something she wants or if it is mimicking what she's seen for so long.

What a fun adventure we have been on for the last 9 months!! There are times that I am frustrated and tired (especially through this teething time), but the joys and love overcomes those few frustrating times. Emory is our precious little princess. We love you E!!!

*I could only get one video to post. So sorry!!