Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Memorial Day weekend

We had a great Memorial Day weekend. E and I went to Ackerly for most of the weekend where we got to spend time with Gramsy and Papa Reg. The Addison's and the Brown's also came out on Saturday to play and visit. Emory was surprised by a pool just her size to take her first swim. She loved it (even after taking a nose dive into it while playing).

Emory and I came home on Sunday so we could spend the day with Aaron on Monday. We went to have an early breakfast and then went to the zoo early before it got too hot. Emory was tired and fell asleep on the way to the zoo so she was a little zoned out while we were there. We will have to keep trying until she's there at a time where she's wide awake and can enjoy the zoo to it's fullest. :)

Although I did have to go back to work for a few days after Memorial Day, I did make it through and we are now enjoying summertime!

Random Pics / 10 months

Here are just a few pics from here and there.

Here's Aaron and Emory swinging at the park. Our church class met at the park one night for a devo and play time for the kids. Emory enjoyed crawling around on the ground, picking up wood chips and leaves and then of course swing time with Daddy. So sweet!

Emory has started more and more table food. In fact she's at the point where she doesn't really like baby food anymore, but without teeth it's hard to find things I'm not afraid to feed her. In fact as long as she can feed herself, she's a happy girl. She has gotten very good at "chewing" all of her food and getting used to the texture of different things. She LOVES mac and cheese. In fact that is all she would eat I think if I would let her. She also likes rice and beans, watermelon, bananas, and yogurt. I can't believe how much she's changing. She still has 3-4 bottles of formula a day, but I think it will be an easy transition to whole milk when the time comes. She weighs (approximately) 17 lbs and a little over 25" tall. We haven't been to the dr in a while (thank goodness) so I don't know the exact stats.

The weather has been so nice lately. We have enjoyed many evenings hanging out outside. Emory loves being outside so we try to get out there as often as we can and during times of the day when it's not too hot. As you can see Aaron has been working hard to get our house looking nice. He's done such a great we'll see how long we stay in this house. It won't be long before Aaron insists on moving to the country again.

Mother's Day/Graduation

Yes I know I'm way behind, but I have been too tired (until now) to get this updated. We had a big weekend in May. My first Mother's Day came on the same weekend I graduated with my Master's degree. So needless to say, it was one GREAT weekend. Here's Emory and I after graduation. She did great all the way through graduation. It was very nice to have my parents, Aaron's parents, and Justin (and of course Aaron) there to help me celebrate. It has definitely been a long and sometimes difficult journey, but it has definitely been worth it. I learned so much and had a great group of professors and peers to work with.

The other part of the weekend was Mother's Day. We had a very nice day. We ate lunch at Perini Ranch with the family (YUM-MY) and then spent the rest of the day relaxing. Emory has been the best thing that has ever happened to us. I am so lucky and blessed with her and thank God everyday for blessing us with her. Here's a picture of my sweet family on Mother's Day.

Just wanted to include a sweet bath picture. Emory LOVES her bath time. Anytime she has travel out of the same room with me, she is almost always in the bathroom standing next to the bathtub. She is always ready to take a bath. :)
We also had our Baby Blessing at church, but my camera batteries died the morning of so I have no picture to show for it. Hopefully some of my friends got some pictures and they will be kind enough to share. We are so blessed to be part of a church family that has so many babies and kids. We love them all.