Thursday, February 3, 2011

We are alive!!!

As I look at our last post it's pretty appropriate to report back in at this point. Sorry no catch-ups...Halloween - great, Christmas - wonderful, New Year's - uneventful. Ok now you're caught up. No really. We have just been enjoying life. We have fallen into our routine and rarely does that include getting on the actual computer (and not checking FB on my phone).

So here we are - day 3 of 4 snow days. We have not been to school since Monday and I have been LOVING it. I was grateful for my in-laws to take Emory and I into the doctor this morning. (I certainly didn't want to drive in this mess!) After seeing Dr Wiley, he determined Emory had bronchitis and both ears are still infected. In fact both tubes are clogged with wax so the infections will continue until we can get those cleared out. Believe me, you would never know she was sick. She is still such a happy girl! She doesn't miss a beat even when she's sick. The only difference is her sleeping habits. When she starts waking up at 5:00 instead of 6:30 then I know she's sick. Lucky me!

So here's what big E is up to at 18 months:

- saying LOTS of words: momma (which could easily be translated into "I want" or "Gimme"), daddy, papa (both grandpas), nana (Aaron's mom), mammy (my mom - supposed to be Gramsy), sometimes Justin, Pali

- cracker, water, juice, please (still signs these sometimes), more, signs eat,

- moo, baa, duck-duck, sticks her tongue out for puppy (that's the sign for puppy), ri-ri (ribbit)monkey

- hi, bye-bye, night-night

She is definitely a girl of routine and don't mess with that routine:

-she has been going to bed by herself - she'll say night-night and take off to her room, stop and give Daddy a kiss, want me to turn off her light, turn on her music, night-light, and humidifier, I put her in bed, she gives me a kiss and then gets covered up.

-mornings - she wakes up and watches Handy Manny in our bed while drinking her milk and while we get ready. Fusses when getting dressed, but once she's all dressed gets her jacket (often by herself) and tells me bye-bye.

She still is a picky eater. Things she likes to eat:

-any fruit, corn dogs, french fries, chicken nuggets, spaghetti-o's, mac and cheese

-not many veggies - She will eat some cucumbers, avacados, tomatoes.

-They say she eats veggies at school so I'm hoping she's getting enough with them.

Speaking of school. She LOVES it. She always gets good notes home and they tell me that she's a big helper. Her friend Parker, from church, has started going to her school and so now she asks about Parker (Par-par) all the time.

She is definitely hitting the independent stage. She wants to do everything by herself. From feeding herself, to changing her clothes. She will help pick up her toys, but doesn't like to pick up a mess after it's been made (too bad sista).

Here are a few pictures for you to enjoy from the past couple of months. Loving my little diva!!

Emory and her Daddy in the snow!!!

Diva girl taken two days before the snow hit...yes short-sleeve weather.

Watching her cousins play outside.

Part of our morning routine. Oh did I mention, we have a thumb-sucker. Started out being just when she was tired...pretty much all the time now. It will definitely be fun to break that.