Tuesday, September 15, 2009

New this week

Emory is changing more and more every day. This week she's been a little mover. She will scoot almost off her wedge pilow at night. She wiggles until she's turned sideways on the floor or couch and she's turning to her side. She has also found her hands and her poor face is taking quite a beating. She loves to grab her cheeks or try to grab her eyes when she gets tired. It's very cute, but hopefully she won't start leaving marks. :)

She has also started sleeping in her crib. She will start off in her crib and sleep for 4-5 hours then I am too lazy to carry her back and forth so after she eats I put her back in the cradle in our room. Last night she woke up at 2:30 to eat and then at 4:00. I knew she wasn't too hungry so I kept putting her paci back in and got tired so we got in the recliner and she slept until 6:30. That means if I was back at work so would have only ate once during the night. Since I'm still about to sleep in, she got up twice. Not bad!! I've heard big changes comes at 2 months and since she's 2 months on Saturday hopefully we're already starting to see the changes.

Aaron also got a chance to baby sit on Saturday. I ran to Dillard's and Drug Emporium. I called him after Dillard's and she was screaming. He said he was going to fix a bottle so I went on to D.E. When I got home they both gave me "the look." Emory had milk all over her and was in her swing. Aaron said the bottle kept leaking on her. I use the Dr. Brown bottles and he hadn't put in the insert. (I've made the same mistake when I forgot the insert while out.) Anyway, good news...she survived and so did he! :) He also took her to his parents while I had my church Bunco group at the house. They did great then too. So I think she'll be able to make it when I go back to work, which we're not talking about yet.

Here is Emory taking a nap in her crib.

Here is the finally product of Aaron's rocking horse. He did the making and I did the painting. He found some places he didn't like so we decided we would give this one away. (That sounds bad, like we give away our rejects. It really does look good and even I couldn't even tell his "mistakes.") Since this was a practice, we'll both get better.

I just thought Emory looked so cute on Sunday for church. Thanks Rach for the dress, we needed something warm on a rainy Sunday.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labor Day weekend

What a wonderful way to spend Labor Day weekend. My brother, Justin, and his girlfriend came into town on Friday as well as Mom and Dad. Justin and Kendall didn't get in until late Friday night, but we were able to lounge around Saturday morning and take our time getting ready for our trip to Lubbock. It was really good to see Justin since we hadn't seen him since the day Emory was born. She adored him and laughed and "talked" to him the whole weekend. It is wonderful to see how she interacts with people now...she loves to smile and "talk" to anyone that will talk to her.

Saturday we made a trip to Lubbock. We all met up with my cousin, Carla, who just started school at Tech and my cousin, Kristi, and her daughter Hayden for lunch. The rest of our crew went on to Tech's opening game. Aaron and I went shopping and to visit more family. We had a great time and maybe on the next trip we will brave the game.

Uncle Justin bought Emory a Tech onsie. Do you think he might be trying early to get her to be a Red Raider???

What can I say, we're a Tech family!!
This is just a cute outfit my dad bought her in support of Dad's cattle habit! It's so cute. If you can't it has the Old MacDonald song written around the collar and sleeves. It also has a little tail on the bootie! Adorable!!It just so happened that there were several visitors at Ackerly's church on Sunday. My life-long friend, Hollie, (middle) and her brother and sister-in-law were all at church visiting. Here's a picture of the three of us. Emory, (7 weeks), Cy (14 weeks), and Joey (12 weeks) It was so good to finally meet the two little ones.
Today we also made a trip over to my college friend, Amy's, house to meet Noah. Noah was born 2 days after Emory and he was just as cute as could be. Emory is going to have friends everywhere she goes. So fun!!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Fun Times at Gramsy and Papa Reg's

A couple of weekends ago we made our first trip to Ackerly. My mom and dad didn't think that 2 days was quite enough of Emory so my dad came to get Emory and I on Thursday and Aaron came on Friday. We all had a great time and got LOTS to eat. Emory met everyone at my mom's school, all the lovely people at Ackerly CoC, my hair lady, the Addison family, and Aunt Hallie. We also made a visit to Aunt Terrye's so she was able to see her again and meet Uncle Steve. We were all quite exhausted by the end of the weekend but it was so much fun.

New things Emory is up to:

-showing her little temper(written first only because she just threw a fit getting her diaper changed)

-liking bath time a little more

-outgrown almost all of her newborn clothes and fitting into more and more 0-3 month clothes

-lifting her head up for much longer

-smiling with a smile that lights up her whole face (just melts your heart)

-going without eating for around 5-7 hours in the evenings (sometimes 8-1, 9-3)

-she loves her gym, swing and bouncy seat

-staring at anything with lights

-looking at books

We are haing so much fun together and aren't doing too much. I am trying to savor the times I get to just hold her and love on her all day before I have to go back to work. We have a wonderful weekend planned of family time. Justin and Kendall are coming to Abilene on Friday then we are all making a trip to Lubbock for the Tech game. I don't think I'm quite ready to take Emory to the stadium so Aaron and I will find somewhere to catch the game on TV. I am looking forward to a weekend of family. :)