Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Summer Time

I'm now in my second week of summer and it's already flying by. I have definitely stayed busy, but have been able to get some things accomplished. Rest is the main priority right now since I know that will soon come to an end. Since I'm not sleeping so great these days, I usually have to have a "little" nap during the day to make it. We had a wonderful shower with our church friends last weekend. I was VERY nice and we got lots of great stuff. With the gifts from our great friends and family and very generous gift cards, I think we are just about ready for little Emory to arrive.

Mom came yesterday to help finish the nursery. She did an amazing job on the border in the room to match the bedding and Sherla (Aaron's mom) made a valance to add to the finishing touches. The last thing we're working on is the changing table and some shelves. Aaron is refinishing a vanity given to us by Aunt Martha for the changing table and then we will hang the shelves and add the love of reading to the room. (You'll have to wait and see for those pictures.)

I'm taking one class this summer, but it is going well and going fast. I am tutoring an 8th boy which is definitely a new experience for me, but I really am enjoying it. We're just crossing our fingers that a biology lesson doesn't come into play during this time. I finish with this class July 2 so anytime after that I'll be all set for the big day! Til next time, I will be enjoying my summer and continue the whole nesting phase. :)