Saturday, May 30, 2009

A Month in Review

Ok to catch up I'm giving quick snip-its of what's been going on this month. We spend Mother's Day weekend with the whole family. Grandmommie turned 80 that weekend so we all met together to help her celebrate. She is doing very well in her new unit and it was so good to have everyone together with her not at the nursing home.
I also had a wonderful shower at school this month. We got lots of goodies. So much fun!!

This is my grade level (minus one). They are WONDERFUL and I am going to miss working so close to them next year, but luckily we will all still be working together.

Our Ackerly shower was great as well. We were overwhemed with the amount of gifts we received and couldn't be more appreciative. Ackerly is definitely blooming with grandbabies on their way. All these girls will have (or have had) babies this summer and all the grandparents are part of Mom and Dad's church. It's so much fun. Hollie had precious Cy 9 days after this picture.
The lovely ladies that hosted the shower. These ladies have all known me since birth and have been there for me through every part of life. I love each of them dearly.
Finally the nursery. Aaron was hard at work with the painting and putting the crib together this past weekend. It turned out wonderful, but Mom and I will be putting our special touches on the room soon. It will all start to come together before we know it.
As for me, I'm feeling great. I'm just trying to make it through the next 4 days. I have NO idea how you women that work up until the day of delivery do it. I am becoming pretty miserable after work and relieved I have the summer to rest. We're on the countdown now...only 8 more weeks.

Friday, May 15, 2009

lost blog

Just so you know I had a blog all written up about last weekend. Pictures included, perfect length, video...yep that's when it all went away. So until I have time to rewrite the post or until something better comes along, you'll just have to wait.

We're headed to Ackerly this weekend for our shower at my home town church. There will be lots to post from that.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Let's catch up!

Alright where to begin? I guess Easter was the last post I was able to post so...
We spent Easter weekend with Aaron's family at Petit Jean State Park in Arkansas. We all had a wonderful time and it was so great to see everyone. This was especially good for me since I hadn't spent time with most of them other than busy times at weddings. So it was very nice to get to know everyone a little better. They were very sweet and gave us a surprise baby shower. We received many great gifts including a Japanese lunchbox set Aunt Martha and a beautiful afghan made by cousin Natalie. Thank you all for the gifts. Here are a few pictures from the weekend.

We've also been busy with doctor appointments. My appointments have been fine. Everything is still going well and there has not been any change with my kidneys. My dr is not too concerned about it and neither am I since I haven't had any more pain. I am continuing to drink plenty of water and unless the pain comes back I will continue to plug along.

Aaron has finally gotten to the bottom of all of his back problems. He has a bulging disk and is getting injections for treatment. He had his first injection a couple of weeks ago and has not received much relief from that. He is scheduled for another injection May 28 and hopefully after that one he will be able to see some improvements. The injections come in rounds of three so he's still got two more to go before we can tell if they are going to work.

Another busy aspect of our lives have been showers. In April I went home for one of my best friends baby showers. They are taking her precious little boy on the 28th of this month and it was so good to help her celebrate. Ackerly CoC is staying hopping with baby showers and two weeks after Hollie's we celebrated her sweet sister-in-law's shower. Davida is due June 7. Here's a pic of the three of our big bellies at Hollie's shower. With these showers and Lindsey's shower, spring has been very fun!!

As for me...I'm continuing to grow and grow. Last weekend I had to have Mom paint my toenails because I couldn't bend over for that long. I am feeling pretty good and just trying to make it through the year. I come home with throbbing, swollen feet and an aching back, but only 4 more weeks and then I'm home free. Oh yes, I haven't been able to mention that I will no longer be teaching 2nd grade next year. I am going to be the RTI specialist on our campus. For those that don't speak the school language, that means I will be helping teachers with their reading assessments, interpretting data, and helping plan interventions. So basically using my master's properly!! I am thrilled for this opportunity and looking forward to not having a classroom.
I will leave you with a picture of me with only 81 days to go!'s flying by!!