Sunday, November 30, 2008

Winter Family Thanksgiving

We returned from our great trip to Missouri last night. It is a long 9-10 hour trip, but completely worth it when you are around family. We had 28 for Thanksgiving dinner and everyone had a wonderful time. The 3 4-year-old girls LOVED life on the farm making dirt soup, the other kids enjoyed fishing in the creek and shooting cans, while the adults enjoyed staying warm inside with good company and great food. We were very glad to see Grandpa doing so well after surgery and pray that he continues to do so. He is still able to get around to feed the cows and do a few things around the farm.

We were able to stay with Rachel and Jerry (Aaron's sister and brother-in-law) on our way Wednesday and we appreciate having a place to crash to break up the long trip. While we were there Jerry took our family picture so that Aaron's mom and dad can have an updated picture for Christmas. They all turned out great and Sherla will have a hard time deciding which ones to choose.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Great Concerts

Well a couple of weekends ago Aaron and I had a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. As I was sitting in the teachers' lounge our librarian was saying she had 4 extra tickets to The Eagles concert. As I pondered on the idea of a quick trip to Dallas and back with TONS of stuff to do at our new house and boxes still all over every room, one of my good friends already said her and her husband were up for it. So Aaron and I decided we probably wouldn't get to see The Eagles again and lets face it, they aren't as young as they used to be, so we went. We left early in the afternoon and stopped to eat dinner with a few couples on the way. After getting a little turned around we finally were able to see one of the BEST concerts I've ever seen. They played from 8:15 to 11:30 almost non-stop...playing all of their old favorites and some of their new good songs as well. If you get a chance to see The Eagles I recommend you take the opportunity. They are even good from way up in the nose-bleed section.

We came home the same night since we were traveling with our friends. When we got home, we realized that Pali had some fun of her own. She must have been mad we left or extremely bored because we had quite a mess to clean up when we got home. We thought she would get cold enough and not try to tear up her bed, but as you can see...we were WRONG!

Saturday, November 15, 2008


Here are a few pictures of what of the rooms that are now uncluttered. Ok so it's only the kitchen and bathrooms, but just a couple of days ago there wasn't any room that wasn't filled with clutter. I might just not post anymore pics and make everyone come see us to see the rest of our house! :)

Kitchen - somewhat small and we're being creative on where to put all of our stuff

Guest bath - I just wanted everyone to see the before pics here. I don't know though I might keep the monopoly money.

Master Bath

My computer wasn't liking the number of pictures I was trying to upload so here's the master bath.

This is probably my favorite room in the house.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Welcome Home

Well we are officially moved into our new house. We finalized everything Friday and moved immediately. Thanks to the help of Mom, Dad, Joseph and Annie (the couple that work for my dad) we got moved without much trouble. They arrived Thursday evening and we began loading the trailer (thanks Buster!) immediately. Our friends enormous trailer was able to hold MOST of our house. We had two trailers full by the time Aaron and I had to go to our closing at 11:00 Friday morning. The "moving crew" were waiting for us when we finished signing our lives away. We were all moved in and beds put together by 5:00 that afternoon.

Saturday and Sunday were spent cleaning, packing, and loading Aaron's things (garage, shed, and barn). Luckily Aaron has great friends that were willing to help. I helped a little, but was very glad when Adam showed up! We have since spent our evenings unpacking boxes. Even Aaron's parents came to help us unpack last night. They even brought supper with them...thanks Tom and Sherla.

My plan is taking pictures as the boxes clear out of rooms and things get put away. So here are the pictures so far.

Haha...yes I don't have any rooms completely unpacked, but hopefully I will be able to put pictures up this weekend. So I'm keeping you in suspense a few more days.