Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sick Baby & Birthday

For my birthday I got just what I wanted, time spent with my family. Fortunately for me my birthday happened to be on the same day my parents had tickets for the Tech vs UT game. Unfortunately for us Red Raider fans, UT won. We still had lots of fun though. We got to the game plenty early (like 3 hours). So we found a nice spot for Emory to run around on the grass and play. She was enjoying her time outside and even got to see the Masked Rider up close.

Emory wasn't too sure about the game. We thought she was very overwhelmed with the 61,000 people that were there, but come to find out she was getting sick. She tried to sleep through the first half of the game, but Tech was doing well and it was quite loud. She was able to sleep pretty soundly through the 2nd half though.
On our way out of the game (in the middle of thousands of people) Emory decided that it was time to be sick. After she got sick all over me, I rushed her to the bathroom where she continued her sickness. We woke up pretty early on Sunday morning with more sickness and made it home before it got too bad. Once at home, Emory continued to sleep but woke up once with 102.6 temp and still throwing up. She wasn't drinking much, but having very wet diapers. I started to get worried so off to the ER we went. We probably could have gone to the dr on-call, but were already at the ER by the time they called us back.

At the ER, we had to get the dr that had never seen kids before. He told me she looked fine (sucking her thumb, laying her head on my shoulder). Um NO!!! I quickly informed him that this was not normal behavior for our happy, on-the-go girl. So he decided she was dehydrated and needed to get some fluids. After more waiting three nurses came in to begin the IV. None of the nurses were excited about having to hurt my sweet baby, but were trying their best to do what would make her feel better. They were able to draw blood (which ended up to not be enough) and tried to get the IV going without any luck. So after 15 minutes of Emory screaming and poking around, they went to get another dr. Emory laid on me for a while and then popped up ready to go. So when the next dr came in she was acting much better. He didn't think she needed any fluids and checked her ears to see her left ear was infected. So he changed her antibiotics and gave her juice to make sure she could keep it down. After about 45 more minutes we were on our way back home.
Monday Emory was pretty good. She didn't run fever, but I was giving her Tylenol and Motrin all day. I sent her on to day care today, but found out she started running a fever at the very end of the day. So it looks like it's Nana day-care tomorrow. I hope that we can get over this SOON so we can go through with the tubes on Friday. My prayers are that the tubes will eliminate all this sickness in the future. I know it won't cure it all, but hopefully will at least cut down on the ear infections. This momma is tired and Emory I know is tired of feeling bad.

Hope for a more positive post next time. :)


rachelprice said...

What a tough week! Hope the tubes make her better asap!

Kim W. said...

What a pitiful but sweet girl...oh, I am so sorry she's been sick...isn't that just the worst? I hate it. Jack is working on getting sick right now, great! Anyhow, she is a doll, and looks great in her red and black, by the way. And, I have to tell ya, the Lowry's sure enough brought over a TTU polo style dress the other day for JK to wear. They said they had about all they could take with the UT dresses. :) Ha! Miss you girl!

laura said...

Poor Emory!! That's no fun for anybody! Glad you had a good birthday and got to spend time with the fam. Can't wait to see yall in a few weeks. Hope Emory is much better and the tubes work!